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Hi there! I'm Anne – life lover, explorer and wanderer originally from Germany who now calls Australia home. I spent many years travelling and living in various countries all over the world and my most precious souvenirs were always – guess what? Photographs!


During those years roaming through the world I did not only explore the most beautiful places but also discovered my passion for photography. My travels constantly fed my creativity, inspiration and imagination to capture countless special memories in form of photographs that will stay with me forever.


Settling down in Australia, it was time to study the fascinating art of photography. It has been a wonderful creative journey to turn this passion into a professional career and develop my own, unique style of photography.


So here I am – for you! I am here to create your precious memories that will stay with you forever.

I am here to capture the magic of special moments of your life for you to remember, hang on your wall, collect in an album or keep in a special part of your heart – simply because photographs are the most beautiful memories!

Mount Isa photographer Anne Hartung
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